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My Inspiration

There are a few names that come first and are the source to the product I am today. Firstly my Dad Late Richard D`Souza & my Mom Iris D`Souza in who’s shadows I grew up as a little boy with all encouragement that I could have asked for and they remain the best till date. The stage was always close to me even though I made little use of it in the early days. Learnt the basics from my guru in music Patrick Pereira and built on with days go by. Never to forget people like Mr. Uday Kumar my teacher from Law school who gave me the confidence to stand up with dignity. Every day answered new questions that gave me the edge to discover reality that much more closely. My favorites being Scorpions, Dire straits & not to forget the all time kings of Konkani Wilfy
& Eric.
      My days in training started with an official start after a crash course at Aim Insights and the inspiration from Sunny Tarappan the director of Aim Insights. I still remember my dad who used to be a great orator himself. My team member & pal at training Leon who is also one who cannot go without introduction.

      Back in 1989 a group of 4 decided to start regional band to showcase individual talent and Senek was on the lead , Yes with the guitar and the band . Switched names with years go by and called themselves the Glamour Boys, Tunes , Den , Glo-Den, Titanic & some other names that were as fancy as they could get . They tuned hard and did perform some incredible music. Bangalore today comes live today with the magic of Konkani and Western music from Sen's with Senek, partenered by Joyline, Jeeven D`Souza, Maxim and Leon. Thanks to Joyline for dedication and leadership in lightning the band performance to new heights.

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