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Taking music to new heights with high voltage & complete satisfaction of clients / parties involved, Sen`s is a true digital band offering uncompromised music everywhere & every time.
     Started as a full fledged 5 piece band with guitars, keyboards & drums and at one point decided to go with only digital keys as the best bet. A decision never regretted as it came with uncompromised quality & class replacing the vacuum of stage appearance with digital quality & feel of music that was just not consistent with a full fledged band.

Our strengths have been powerful melodious vocals & a bank of Konkani & western favourates for all occasions. Adding to the promising quality we come along with our own sound equipment that includes top brands like Peavey, Yamaha, QSC & Eminence. With every member at team Sen`s being well known seasoned artists we carry a string of performance awards claiming us to be the best at all occasions ,and not to discard that we perform for passion rather than any other factor that ever matters.

Qualified in Management , IT , Media, HR & Bio-medical every member at team Sen`s has work experience at Managerial levels with brands such as Siemens, Dial a job, Green Peace, GE & IDG . Considering music as their personal stress buster they pursue it with passion and as something with choice rather than something with chance. Do listen to them live for that real experience………

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